The tournament Director reserves the right to combine divisions as necessary.

Kata Rules: Point System

  1.  In case of ties, beginners may perform the same kata.  All others must perform a different kata.
  2. The first 3 contestants will come back up for scoring.
  3. Point system/Flag System.

Kumite Rules

  1. Mouthpiece and groin protector are mandatory in all kumite matches.
  2. Head and shin guard optional: 14 years & under.
  3. Chest guard for all female competitors is optional.
  4. WKF/AAU/JKA/NKF type fist guards only.
  5. Only safety glasses with restraining band or soft contact lenses are allowed.
  6. All bouts are 2-min running time.
  7. All bouts are 3 point matches.
  8. Face skin touch in adult black belt divisions only.

Contact Penalties

  1. Contact to the face, groin, or throat will result in a warning:  keikoku – no point awarded.  A second contact will result in hansoku chui – ½ point penalty.  A third contact will result in disqualification.
  2. Depending on the severity of the contact, a contestant may be penalized with a hansoku chui ½-point or may immediately be disqualified.
  3. Dangerous and/or uncontrolled techniques such as:  uncontrolled spinning hook-kick, open-hand technique to the eyes, or throwing the opponent without control, will result in a penalty.
  4. Technique thrown to the head area that misses but passes through the target by at least one-fist will be considered as a contact penalized with a keikoku.
  5. Excessive contact to any area of the body may result in immediate disqualification by judges and referee’s decision.
  6. Light controlled contact to the body is permitted.

Jogai / Penalties

  • 1st time out of bounds: keikoku
  • 2nd time out of bounds: hansoku chui
  • 3rd time out of bounds: hansoku

Penalty Categories

Category 1:  Excessive contact, contact to the throat, deliberate attack to the arms, legs, groin, joints and instep, open hand attack to the face,  dangerous throwing techniques causing injury to the opponent.

Category 2:  Faking or exaggerating an injury, jogai, mubobi, avoiding combat as a means of preventing the opponent an opportunity to score, clinching, wrestling, pushing, or seizing without attempting a throw or other technique, uncontrolled techniques, attack with the head, knee, or elbow, talking to or goading the opponent, failing to follow the referee’s order and discourteous behavior.

Kobudo Rules

  1. Loss of control shall result in disqualification
  2. All weapons are subject to inspection by officials.

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